[PD] [netpd] everybody is invited to jointhecollaborativemusic-project

Roman Haefeli reduzierer at yahoo.de
Fri Nov 4 16:23:52 CET 2005

"patrick" <patrick at 11h11.com> wrote:

> hi roman,
> i am at work right now, i cannot test. but i think i tried that
already: it
> was working for symbol and other stuff, but not for label (still too
> to read).
> pat

hi pat

yeah, because the setting through the menu 'edit -> font' only affects
the font-size of the objects, symbol-, number-boxes and text, but not
the labels of the guis. everything written in chat and creator is done
by labels, since labels provide the possibility to make the appearance
you you want to change the fontsizes in chat or creator, use the
settings-dialog. click on the third button from right in the chat-window
to open it. this will show a subpatch, where you can edit the appearance
of chat and creator.



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