Re: Video Librarys (Was: [PD] [Newbie] Hello…)

Paul Sellis paul.sellis at
Fri Nov 4 23:19:49 CET 2005

Thank you for your answers Ben and Mathieu.

*** 4 nov. 05 at 14:44, B. Bogart wrote :
> How many projectors?
for this project only 1.
But I'd like to learn a software which can synchronize more (lets say  
3 or 4…).

> DV codec (I think) is only ever 720x480 NTSC, can't be downgraded, you
> would need to encode in a different format to get a different size.
> So what codec, what size?
It's a DV Pal (so 720x576) downgraded at 33%. I did it (and the hole  
sequence…) in Flash and ActionScript with the new Flash video codec.  
The animation works fine. The only problem is that I am obliged to  
use external video (not embeded) so with Flash I must  use FLV. And  
the quality seems not to be sufficient  for video projections.
In this case, I don't know if it's possible to do each of these 9  
movies with no compression (I don't think so with my laptop…). Which  
codec would you recommand to me ?

> Interactive video or just video playback?
In this case it would be just video playback

> What HW are you planning to use?
My Apple G4 PowerBook 1,25GHz (???…)

> I would not suggest jitter for such a project as far as I imagine
> putting straight video up... softVNS would be be my second suggestion
> after pd/Gem Linux/OSX.
I don't know "soft VNS"…
Is there a kind of "reference chart" where abilities and weakness of  
each solution is displayed.
it seems to be a kind of maze for me now…

> Performance or installation?
In this case an installation.
But I have opportunities to work for performances…
I'd like to learn a soft (Max/MSP, PD,…) which could be great for all  
(doesn't seems to be the case…)

> How long will it run?
Up to 9 minutes. Looping.
Each movie begins at a random point between the begining and the end  
of its duration.
It will be placed in a place choosen between 9 possible places (next  
between the 8 remaining places, and so on…).
Everyboby plays until the end and wait x seconds after the last movie  
has finished. Then the whole thing loops.

> Video playback or seeking?
Video playback not streaming (was it what you were talking about ?)

I'm quite lost with the possibilities of Max/MSP, PD (or soft VNS…).
I don't even know if that's possible to do that kind of things.
I only know that it works fine in Flash with Actionscript…

*** 4 nov. 05 at 18:52, Mathieu Bouchard wrote :
> If you are going to do any effects on those videos in realtime you  
> should
> say what you want to do because Gem differs very much from Jitter.
No effects in realtime on these videos. Only playback…

Your advises are more than welcome.


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