[PD] bng - [t s] - print -> crash

Tim Blechmann TimBlechmann at gmx.net
Sun Nov 6 01:02:54 CET 2005

> Hallo,
> Miller Puckette hat gesagt: // Miller Puckette wrote:
> > I'd suggest "&s_symbol"....
> Hm, this of course also is a possibility, probably even the better
> one. However it will make [print] print "symbol symbol" whereas an
> empty [symbol( connected to [print] will print just "symbol". Well,
> and &s_bang will lead to "symbol bang", which also isn't an empty
> symbol. Darn. ;)
> Anyway, IMO both "symbol bang" and "symbol symbol" look better than
> "symbol float", which is very misleading.

what about gensym("")?

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