[PD] Pd tutorials!

dafydd hughes dafydd61 at sideshowmedia.ca
Sun Nov 6 20:28:22 CET 2005

Hi Hans

Thanks for the input.  I've looked at the standard_gui_elements patch  
and I'll try and conform my tuts to match (incorporation your window  
size suggestions), and suggest any additions that might be necessary  
to the style sheet.  The basic idea was an attempt to have a  
standardized layout similar to what I saw in Ben's tutorials.   
(Although not as beautifully implemented...yet)
On 6-Nov-05, at 2:05 PM, Hans-Christoph Steiner wrote:

> - I think the guts should always be hidden in a subpatch.  Only the  
> essential elements to illustrate the principal should be on  
> screen.  That way it makes the overall page look much less  
> intimidating.  The idea is to have each patch as simple as possible  
> so that its very approachable.  Then, if people are curious, they  
> can open the guts.

Wow.  Yeah - I totally agree, after working through these with a  
class.  You either want people concentrating on the information or  
the implementation, but not both at once.  That was a disaster!
> I posted some content to the wiki that Ben started a while back:
> http://puredata.org/docs/workshops
> I think this should be the center of this discussion so we all can  
> keep track of things.

Being new to the wiki thing, do we continue discussion somehow  
through the wiki, or on this list?


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