Pd doesn't quit, was: Re: [PD] flext glibc double free or corruption

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Mon Nov 7 18:24:21 CET 2005

james tittle hat gesagt: // james tittle wrote:

> On Nov 7, 2005, at 7:05 AM, Frank Barknecht wrote:
> >Yes, it's only on quitting Pd, so it's not really an issue, just ugly.
> >I'll check out your changes later. However I may add, that my Debian
> >version is not "unstable", but the latest "stable" version (Sarge)
> >with only a couple of packages from "testing".
> ...hrmm, I'd hardly say "it's not really an issue"!  I've also been  
> seeing this on the osx side (mentioned in pre-halloween posts as  
> "zombie pd"), and it's especially bad with the app_pkg builds,  
> because one often doesn't realize that the app hasn't fully quit when  
> asked, which brings up problems the next time you try to launch...

Most of the time Pd even quits, when the "double free" message
appears. I have found no reliably way to reproduce the hanging Pd,

Anyway a "Ctl-C" in the Terminal or a "killall pd" "fixes" it just
fine as does not using xsample with pool at the same time. (I didn't
try Thomas' compiler fix yet.) So even in an installation settings is
not something impossible to work around IMO.

> ...also, this makes pd unusable in an "installation" setting, which  
> is what I have to deliver this week... 

You should be playing "Shadow of the Colossus" instead. ;)

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