[PD] flext glibc double free or corruption

Johannes Burström johannes at ljud.org
Mon Nov 7 19:59:36 CET 2005


Frank Barknecht wrote:
 > Yes, it's only on quitting Pd, so it's not really an issue, just ugly.
 > I'll check out your changes later. However I may add, that my Debian
 > version is not "unstable", but the latest "stable" version (Sarge)
 > with only a couple of packages from "testing".

well, everything was fine for me too until i upgraded some packages 
(including libc6) to testing/unstable. i guess my next (and only) move 
will be to downgrade those packages again, to see if the problem 
disappears. I'd be glad to do some more testing with this setup, to see 
what the problem might be, but since i'm no master debugger i really 
don't know where to start looking.  After all, right now all i want is a 
working system...

it's a kind of catch 22. if i knew more about my system and debugging, i 
might be of some help to find the source of the problem. But on the 
other hand, if i new more about how to set up my system, i might not 
have put myself in this situation... :P

thanks for the help so far, anyway. i'll try the new flext version and 
see what it says to me.


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