[pd] biquad~ yet again

david golightly davigoli at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 7 22:51:19 CET 2005

Hey list,

I just did a search in the list-archive and, yes, I realize that there was a 
dicussion on biquad~ back in April, but the thread referred to a link that 
is now broken.  Suffice to say, it seems the programming of this external 
could be a bit more user-friendly, targeted toward the people who are likely 
to actually USE pd, not people with advanced degrees in math.  (If you fall 
into both categories, more power to ya).  If I could just get some help 
here, I'd like:

f(x, a) = (ff1, ff2, ff3, fb1, fb2)
where these are the biquad coefficients for x = notch frequency and a = 

While I understand how it's useful to have tools for building filters in any 
DSP software, it's too bad this isn't also wrapped up as a more 
straightforward notch filter.  Or maybe I'm just being a wuss here.  I'm 
sure there's someone out there who could implement this as an external.



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