[PD] PD OSX packaging redux

Lorenz Schori lorenz.schori at gmx.ch
Wed Nov 9 11:59:17 CET 2005

i like this idea too. what about darwinports? btw. both of this  
package management systems do have a mechanism to place .app packages  
into /Applications. this option might be of interest too. i don't  
know the internals neither of .deb nor of ports and i don't have time  
to dive into it now - just started with my studies.
for packaging an extended/++ self containing pd version this approach  
might be of interest too. just think about this possible scenario:
1. install pd + externals via package management (fink/darwinports)
2. run a script which grasps all the abstractions and .pd_darwins +  
3. run a script which grasps all the needed dylib's from the  
distribution (using "otool -L")
4. put the stuff into the right place into Pd.app

this mechanism could be extended to provide a way to easily deploy  
custom Pd.app which just include needed externals and possibly have  
patches autostarted.

@hans+james. this is no rant against you and i don't want to just  
create another build system. i'm just thinking about how pd on mac  
could be more conveniant for (doubleclick)users AND (cli)developers :)

my 2c


Am 09.11.2005 um 10:32 schrieb David Plans Casal:

> Sorry to multi-thread, but I can't find the original in my pd inbox...
> A few days ago, there was this thread:
> "Re: [PD] Pd packaging on osx was:
> Re: [PD-announce] [osx] pd++0.39-1Beta available"
> And Frank suggested we might want to go the Fink route for PD  
> packages (for externals or all).
> I think that's a great idea! Did anyone else agree? Is anyone  
> moving ahead with that?
> d
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