[PD] cumulative distribution?

pete mcpartlan petemcpartlan at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Nov 9 16:11:51 CET 2005


i need help with a maths problem... i am trying to plot a cumulative 
distribution curve to weight random. I have a [random] that feeds into a 
chain of [moses], sililar to the markov chain example but what i want to 
do is have a table dump into the right inlet of each moses changing the 
weighting. so far so good. what i need help with is the curve which 
needs to make it more likely for the next result to be near the  same 
position. the attatched patch has an array with the sort of function it 
should be... like an s stetched at both ends... is there a way i can do 
this with expr? or am i going to have to type out a list for each state? 
i'm sure this is probably quite a simple maths problem... but beyond 
me... or other ideas? might it be simpler to have a longer array with 
the curve is then plotted at different points back into the array... but 
considering i'm probably going to have 16+ of these and other stuff i 
want to make it as simple as possible....

thanks in advance and apologies for rambling a bit..



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