[PD] cumulative distribution?

Tebjan Halm tebjan at gmx.de
Wed Nov 9 16:34:51 CET 2005


the curve in the array window looks like a half sine wave. try:

 (cos(x) + 1) * c with x inside the range -Pi to 0 and c is a constant
that defines the output range of the curve 0 to c ...

will look similar to you plot ...

good luck,

pete mcpartlan schrieb:

> hello,
> i need help with a maths problem... i am trying to plot a cumulative 
> distribution curve to weight random. I have a [random] that feeds into 
> a chain of [moses], sililar to the markov chain example but what i 
> want to do is have a table dump into the right inlet of each moses 
> changing the weighting. so far so good. what i need help with is the 
> curve which needs to make it more likely for the next result to be 
> near the  same position. the attatched patch has an array with the 
> sort of function it should be... like an s stetched at both ends... is 
> there a way i can do this with expr? or am i going to have to type out 
> a list for each state? i'm sure this is probably quite a simple maths 
> problem... but beyond me... or other ideas? might it be simpler to 
> have a longer array with the curve is then plotted at different points 
> back into the array... but considering i'm probably going to have 16+ 
> of these and other stuff i want to make it as simple as possible....
> thanks in advance and apologies for rambling a bit..
> pete

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