[PD] rradical

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Wed Nov 9 18:38:15 CET 2005

Ken hat gesagt: // Ken wrote:

> i like the concept of rradical, but can't seem to find any info on 
> installation.  any help,

Installation is done by adding the subdirectories of rradical to
your Pd path. (I intend to move all patches to a single directory for
the next version, which will take a while, though.) 

If using a .pdrc you can do something like that: 

-path /pd/rradical/memento/
-path /pd/rradical/control/
-path /pd/rradical/effects/
-path /pd/rradical/instruments/
-path /pd/rradical/pdp/
-path /pd/rradical/stuff/

You can also do this through "File->Path" and then select "Save All

For now you need at least the following externals/libraries to make
something useful with rradical: OSC, pool, zexy and prepend from
Cyclone. The still unfinished RRADical2 will only rely on OSC and pool
(maybe PDContainer instead) but will then require pd-0.39. 

Other externals used include: maxlib, fluid~, creb, iemmatrix etc. or
basically the whole shebang. 

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