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Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Thu Nov 10 17:21:33 CET 2005

Ken hat gesagt: // Ken wrote:

> i'm on linux, fedora core 3, planet ccrma, which comes with *some* 
> externals.
> does the pd-extended package compile on linux, or do i have to download 
> install all the other externals i want/need by hand? 

Well, actually I don't know of any distribution which really has all
externals packaged. However building the externals on Linux is not a
big deal, if you use check out the CVS. Now how to compile best is an
ongoing discussion. You can get most externals by just changing into
the directory "externals/build/linux" and typing "make && make
install". Alternatively if you have "scons" install you can chdir to
"externals/build" and type "scons && scons install". You can set the
prefix to install to by creating a file "custom.py" there which
contains just the line:

prefix = "/usr/lib/pd"

With both methods you may get error messages regarding missing
libraries or headers, which you need to install using your
distribution's packages and try again.

The externals based on flext (like pool) are not included in both
build methods, but they are easy to build from CVS as well using the
flext build system. It's described in the file "build.txt" in

Easy instructions: 
$ cd grill/flext/
$ sh build.sh pd gcc
<edit the file buildsys/config-lnx-pd-gcc.txt>
$ sh build.sh pd gcc 
$ sh build.sh pd gcc install

and for pool etc.: 

$ cd grill/pool/
$ sh ../flext/build.sh pd gcc install

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