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Thoralf Schulze thoralf_schulze at yahoo.de
Fri Nov 11 11:32:31 CET 2005


> What do you mean by "something like this" ? What are
> the features of that 
> GUI that you would enjoy seeing in PureData ?
> Is AVE portable? Is it free? If not, you should
> explain what the things 
> are in screenshot...

okay, getting a bit more into the details ...

ave is pretty much the same as pd - a graphical
programming environment. In my opinion, the look of
the user interface is - contrary to pd - aesthetically
pleasing and doesn't make your eye sore with a 10pt
times roman as default font.
apart from this, I like the idea of having a box on
the screen that lists all available objects. if they
are ordered in a meaningful way, this would probably
be very welcome by people who are new to pd. objects
listed in this box can be dragged'n'dropped on the
I also like the other box on the screen shot - the one
that combines a concise explanation of the object
along with a parameters dialogue. This box gets
updated if the user left-clicks on any objects already
on the canvas. 
It is probably debatable if those colourful images by
which the objects are represented add something useful
to the gui or not. Again, for beginners this might be
useful. As an example, the eye with the looking glass
represents a resize filter - this is quite intuitive.
just hovering the cursor over an object displays its
name and all of its parameters in a little popup under
the mouse pointer.

see http://www.avisynth.org/vion11/aveguide.html for
more details on ave. it is free (as in beer, don't
know about the source), but porbably not portable (avs
is only available for windozes anyway). 

with kind regards,

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