[PD] Gem cursor 0 under os x not working? +

patrick patrick at 11h11.com
Fri Nov 11 22:50:36 CET 2005


maybe it's because of the wacom driver, but i cannot turn off the cursor in
the gem window. i've ask a friend to try it and it's not working for him
either... so is there a way to remove the cursor in gem 0.90 / os X.

a long long time ago i saw a gem patch that did something i'm trying to do :
selecting (with the mouse in the gem window) an area and zoom the video by
the size of the selection. but sadly, i don't find this patch anywhere.
maybe someone know this patch or have a solution?

the wacom driver is really bad in os X. i cannot use HID from hans
(http://at.or.at/hans/pd/hid.html). he told me that he saw someone using the
wacom in os x as a HID device, so maybe it will be possible for the external
to see and use the wacom under this os (it's working perfectly in linux).
any input?


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