[PD] basic DSP stuff

Yves Degoyon ydegoyon at free.fr
Sat Nov 12 03:26:31 CET 2005


admitting there are so-called imaginery numbers and that it makes sense
because it has a reflexion ( a projection ) back in reality,
it means the 'reality' is actually a projection by itself
of something that has more than 3 dimensions.

.it looks like believing in magic and the paranormal,
that's why i liked maths and physics for a while.

then, they asked to build motors, and i just left )


Chuckk Hubbard wrote:

> By the same token, any number times itself is non-negative.  i breaks 
> existing rules too.  (lol)
> You know, I could just have said, oh, since you're multiplying i times 
> i the result is negative, by definition, and accepted that it works.  
> I could just be the kid who writes down what the teacher says and 
> memorizes it for the test, instead of asking questions.  I suspect 
> there is something else at work for the result to be correct, because 
> the only reason given for using i was to represent the vertical axis.  
> At no point was there actually a quantity of -1, for which we found 
> the root before multiplying by the second part of the complex number.
> -Chuckk

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