[PD] fluid~ (and footils in general)

Jason Plumb jason at noisybox.net
Sun Nov 13 04:15:21 CET 2005

So I'm trying to get fluid~ working on 0.38-4.  Apparently it's part of 
footils, which is part of the main externals module now.  I checked out 
externals from cvs since the "real" realeases of externals seem to be 
from March 2003 (is this really right???)

In any case, in order to compile fluid~, I had to install flext (I tried 
version 0.5.0 downloaded from the website, but also tried the version in 
the externals/grill/flext dir) and then had to muck around with the 
fluid~ makefile and config file.  Once I got fluid~ built and installed, 
pd barfs when trying to instantiate it:

tried /usr/local/lib/pd/extra/fluid~.pd_linux and succeeded
/usr/local/lib/pd/extra/fluid~.pd_linux: undefined symbol: 

Any ideas?  I'm using fluidsynth/libfluidsynth1/libfluidsynth-dev 
1.0.6-3 via apt on Debian unstable.

Thanks in advance,


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