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You are correct, the graphical data structures of Pd have no equivalent  
in Max.


On Nov 12, 2005, at 8:34 PM, Chuckk Hubbard wrote:

> One thing I haven't been able to find in Max is PD-style data  
> structures and scalars.  Do they exist?  With drawing instructions?   
> This is the main reason I have been creating my sequencer with PD  
> instead of my school's computers with Max (also because I can install  
> PD on my flash drive).
> I saw "data structures" in a Max tutorial, but it had nothing to do  
> with the scalars of PD, and I couldn't find any tutorials that did.   
> None of the people I know who use Max have heard of such a thing.  Is  
> it there with a different name?
> -Chuckk
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>> Ok i'm curious .... why would someone spend 400 dollars on max when  
>> you
>> can get pd for free.  Is it because of the ability to make plugin's
>>  using pluggo.  But can't you make plug-ins from pd as well.   I was
>> going to buy max but i came across pd and thought,  "this is  
>> great..max
>> for free."  Am i wrong.  And yes i read about the differences .. but
>> they don't justify 400 dollars.
>> wondering,  matt
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