[PD] Re: fluid~ (and footils in general)

Jason Plumb jason at noisybox.net
Sun Nov 13 22:31:21 CET 2005

 > The "real" release is the source on Sourceforge. I don't provide
 > binaries or source archives anymore, those are part of the various
 > external packages.

Yeah, I was using the CVS source before....but apparently wasn't 
building properly (even though things compiled ok).

 > I now updated the README with some more instructions: To build fluid~
 > you should use the flext build system. If you have built flext from
 > CVS with that, it should be as simple as
 > $ cd externals/footils/fluid
 > $ sh ../../grill/flext/build.sh pd gcc
 > $ sh ../../grill/flext/build.sh pd gcc install

Sure enough, that worked perfectly...on the first try!

I didn't see the changes reflected in the readme, though.  Did you get 
that committed?

Thanks again...fluid~ is a destroyer!  Keep up the good work!


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