[PD] midi input latency with Gem

Georg Holzmann grhPD at gmx.at
Mon Nov 14 20:39:19 CET 2005


> i was aware of the audio/video problem as this workaround is  frequently 
> suggested on the list to run 2 instances of pd and  communicate with 
> OSC. But in my case it's even a problem without any  audio, just gem and 
> midi input. that was new to me. i will try to  receive the midi in 
> another instance and send the control via OSC.
well, if you use 2 instances of pd you can of course also use 
netsend/netreceive, which might be easier ...

anyway, the hack to run 2 instances of PD is only to avoid audio 
dropouts, because Gem is not threaded (yet) ... so it would only be a 
hack and no solution to the problem ...

wich cpu load to you have in your patch ? maybe it's simply to heavy ?


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