[PD] midi .smf files in PD

Krzysztof Czaja czaja at chopin.edu.pl
Mon Nov 14 22:08:11 CET 2005

Martin Peach wrote:
> I knew about xeq but there was no help file; what docs there are were 
> recently pointed out to me by Georg Holzmann on this list, who also 
> added a couple of abstractions that do play and record of .mid files.
> To me, xeq seems too complex, as it internalizes a lot of functions that 
> can be done with basic pd externals, whereas the need for a simple 
> midifile parser in pd just seems obvious: given the midiin and midiout 
> objects, why not a midifilein and midifileout object?

hmm... but xeq really is obsolete, as is written on its web page...
Its midi file i/o feature has been replaced with cyclone's seq.
Its other features evolved into something that is still much too
personal to be digestible by others.

Seq is well documented.  The design, though, is constrained by the
original, which was introduced (by Miller?) quite some time ago
(early nineties?)  So, perhaps, there is a need for a better one...

Anyway, sorry for the confusion!


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