[PD] max msp vs pd

daniel kosenko zvuk at linuxmail.org
Tue Nov 15 02:31:37 CET 2005

hi list

isnt it also about which OS people are comfortable with when making music/video in Pd/Max? 

as for me, i come from "non-programming environment" too (allaround musician) and discovering Pd/Max caused (forunately) involving into computer as an instrument. When discovering computer, getting OS's to know (windåse/linux/OSeX) i found/find/will still find out that Pd is different on different platforms (unless you are a programmer and you just can). And Max being a luxury lady is still Max, if its on osx or win, it just can. Curiosity found me in linux, where (fortunately) Pd lives. Moving slightly away from newbee,   I enjoy "solving problems", and discovering linux as the whole planet of multimedia, where, I personally think, Pd is most playfull. 

So to you, who posted this many hours ago (sorry, I didnt keep the original message), if you're still reading i want to add, that its not about max vs Pd, its you vs coffee + cookies + lots of time behind the screen to find out what you need to know to find out what you need to know to find out what you need.......

"Give me your death, you don't need it, give me your death!" - Sun Ra

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