[PD] Binaries for OsX

João Miguel Pais jmmmpais at googlemail.com
Tue Nov 15 09:41:38 CET 2005

> iirc, [serialize] was rather something like [repack 1] from zexy (to be  
> precise, [repack 1] is a clone of [serialize], but [repack] offers  
> extended functionality);

thanks, I'll look into it.

> why not make your own [gate]? for an abstraction you need 2 [inlet]s, 1  
> [outlet] and 1 [spigot].
> [spigot] in pd-0.39 takes a creation argument to set the initial state  
> of the object (if this is, why you use [gate]); if you _must_ use  
> pd<0.39 you can always use a [loadbang] to initialize the [spigot].

The problem is that the patch was made last summer, and there isn't much  
time now, so I thought it would be a bit risky to complicate it even more.  
I'll try it.

> [makesymbol] and [packel] are fine in zexy>=2.0.
> [packel] can now be done with plain pd-objects (see frank's collection  
> of list-objects)
> [matrix] and [matrix~] are now in iemmatrix, which i recommend instead  
> of sticking to old versions of zexy. [matrix~] in iemmatrix (which btw  
> is now called [mtx_*~] and has slightly different behaviour; but you can  
> still use the name [matrix~] and get the old behaviour) should be faster  
> than the original version.

ok. I didn't evolved to zexy 2, but wanted to. As said before, it is a  
time problem, and also that I am sending the patch to someone who can't  
work with it, so it has to really work with no problems. And now is a bit  
risky to start changing things around.



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