[PD] pd, bitmap-fonts and linux

Andre Schmidt huolong at arcor.de
Tue Nov 15 18:38:17 CET 2005

hi all,

im now trying to do some custom (bitmap) fonts for pd under linux and
was hoping someone could help...

i got a courier bdf font from here:

edited it a little (chars a-i) with "fontforge" (allso changed the
fontname and family) and saved it as bdf font.

converted it with "bdftopcf" and gzipped it.

used (STEP4) instructions here:
(had to add the "FontPath" manually to xorg.conf)

and it seems to work... but look at this
- 1. opening the pcf file through nautilus shows the font correct
- 2. "xfontsel" shows the installed pcf.gz font correct
- 3. contest of myfonts dir
- 4. contest of myfonts/fonts.dir file
- 1. pd patch font bombed size 8
- 2. pd patch font bombed size 10
- 3. pd patch font bombed size 12
- 4. output of "xdpyinfo"
- 5. the gnome font preferences

i dont know what i should do with these different "dpi" infos... hows
that related to bitmap fonts dpi... does "pd" scale bitmap fonts...

as you can see, the pd patch using size 10 is not rendered like size 10
in xfontsel !?

what can/should i do/look ?


ps. i use ubuntu/breezy, pd compiled from cvs, pd launched with
-typeface "pdcourier"

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