[PD] dynamic array names

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Tue Nov 15 18:42:18 CET 2005

Pall Thayer hat gesagt: // Pall Thayer wrote:

> OK, I've figured out that I can use something like [table $0-a 259]  
> to create a dynamically named array/table. But how do I retrieve that  
> name for use elsewhere?

[symbol $0-a] ? 

Or do you mean in another patch, where you don't know the content of
$0? You can send $0 to that patch, it's just a number. Or directly
send "$0-a". 

You can also pass "$0-a" as an abstraction argument.  Assuming you
have an abstraction, which wants to [tabread] your table.  Then just
create a [tabread $1] object and call that abstraction with "$0-a" as
argument. If you want to pass lots of names like this, it's better to
only pass "$0" and construct the names inside: 

[tabread $1-freq]
[tabread $1-vol]
[tabread $1-pan]


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