megale megalegoland at yahoo.fr
Wed Nov 16 02:27:03 CET 2005

 I am working on an object that is converting MIDI note numbers to RGB colors, the object works
quite well, even if I think there would be other methods with less objects but with more
complicated math or with script files. 
 You can get the file with the help at this adress:


 Now I am attempting to make an object that is able to output a chord or a cluster of MIDI note
numbers to several colorized objects (in the example an object is an outline text with the name of
the note), and I've done it without success, because I've pain to find a logic that allows the
displaying of these different objects in gem with avoiding them to have the same color.
 I've just downloaded yet the list-abs, and will try to find something in it that could solve the
filtering problem.
 For the moment I have no clue on how to convert the note numbers coupled with velocity sent by a
midi keyboard to a list in real time, and I have the feeling it could be a good starting solution.



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