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Wed Nov 16 11:13:20 CET 2005

IOhannes m zmölnig <zmoelnig at iem.at> 
  > while 4 files is not that much to download, it would be very 
  >nice to have a bundle (tgz/zip) where you can get all files with 1 click.

  > why are you using pdradio? of course you are free to do so, but 
  >once we find the time, we will hopefully migrate it to puredata.info; 
  >the more user-data there is at that time, the more complicated it will >get.
  >so please everyone, use puredata.info instead of pdradio.iem.at for 
  >sharing anything but streamed music.

  Megale's answer:
  Done: You can get by now the files at this adress:
  I'd also suggest to wait a little while before downloading it, when all  the modifications will be done for an entirely working object, I will  use that subject to prevent the PD community.
>  I am working on an object that is converting MIDI note numbers to RGB colors, the object works
> quite well, even if I think there would be other methods with less objects but with more
> complicated math or with script files. 

  IOhannes m zmölnig <zmoelnig at iem.at>
  i would suggest using something like [hsv2rgb] and feeding the 
note-value (scaled to 0..1 and probably pre-processed with a [% 12] to 
the color-angle (hue))
and you could map velocity to (e.g.) value (luminance)

this way you can also colorize microtones and/or change the scale and/or ...

  Megale's answer:
 This is a great information, I am working on it right now, I  will certainly have to create a special font for displaying microtones  with adding or removing bars to the sharp, like I am usually doing when  I write microtonal scores.

  IOhannes m zmölnig <zmoelnig at iem.at>

i think what you are looking for is voice allocation, which can be done 
by [poly] (infamous but core pd since ever)

  Megale's answer:
   Okay, that is exactely the kind of object that I am looking for,  but there are only three outputs, anyway, in list-abs I've found some  abstractions that could help to allocate an high amount of voices. Have  to make some tests...
  Long life to Pure Data Communauty...

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