[PD] midi input latency with Gem

megale megalegoland at yahoo.fr
Wed Nov 16 12:28:34 CET 2005

> > but maybe someone has got an idea why it's so heavy on the cpu.
Megale's answer:

>  Hi, maybe it could help, I've just figured out that the midi latency is increasing in fonction
> of
> the audio buffers size on winslows with using asio of my soundcard. Maybe I've missed an
> episode,
> just don't know on what operating system you are working on.
>  MIDI latency input is under 3ms with my linux config with a crappy internal soundcard, and I
> even
> have a lower latency input than on wincows (under 10ms) when MIDI data are sent to the
> "windblowed" computer from the "linuxed" one through network with OSC. 
> Patco.


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