[PD] laptop linux

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Wed Nov 16 20:51:47 CET 2005

Ed Kelly hat gesagt: // Ed Kelly wrote:

>   This is kind of embarrasing, and [ot] - I should have trusted my
>   instincts rather than the web...(but which bit?)
>   DON'T buy a Pentium M if you want to run PD under Linux (As I do).
>   If you want a Pentium III (3) you can get one cheaper, but Pentium
>   M under Linux is Pentium 3.
>   I thought it would be nice if newbies could search and find
>   this...to avoid my mistake, and I should know better!
>   Anyone want to buy a pentium M? No graphics accelleration? I am a
>   certified fool!...

Huh? What does all that mean? 

I run a Pentium M 750 with great success under Linux and Pd. I think,
it is a formidable platform. Oh, and graphics acceleration is not done
in the CPU anyway. 

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