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Tim Blechmann TimBlechmann at gmx.net
Wed Nov 16 23:01:46 CET 2005

hi ed,

>   This is kind of embarrasing, and [ot] - I should have trusted my
> instincts rather than the web...(but which bit?) 
>   DON'T buy a Pentium M if you want to run PD under Linux (As I do).
>   If you want a Pentium III (3) you can get one cheaper, but Pentium
> M under Linux is Pentium 3. 

well, all centrino machines are pentium 3 based. i really don't see the
problem, with this machine. my 1.86 pentium-m is about as fast as a p3
since pd is single-threaded, it wouldn't profit from hyper-threading,
but that would even limit pd's performance. imho, the pentium-m is the
best platform to run pd on, at the moment...

but, if you post your problems, maybe we can get it running ...

cheers ... tim

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