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Tim Blechmann TimBlechmann at gmx.net
Wed Nov 16 23:49:11 CET 2005

hi ed,

i can't really help you with your graphics problems ... i think, you
should try some fedora forums ....

> And the performance - I get 75% CPU usage for something I have
> seen take 48% on a 2.4GHz P4. I have read something on the net about
> using ICC (Intel's version of gcc) rather than the standard one. Is
> this what you do?

well, i've been experimenting with icc lately ... this does give a
better performance, but it's not 100% gcc compatible. to figure out the
performance problem, the way to go would be to use a profiler (like
oprofile). i'd also recommend to use devel, since the vectorized
versions of the basic dsp functions are between 2 and 5 times faster
than the compiler-generated, but it depends on your patch, how much you
will gain.

oh well, and if the rendering is done by the software instead of the
hardware, this will also make a difference ...

hth ... tim

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