[PD] midi .smf files in PD

Krzysztof Czaja czaja at chopin.edu.pl
Wed Nov 16 22:38:49 CET 2005

Martin Peach wrote:
> If it's the same as seq in max then I don't like the fixed playback 
> rate, and its inability to play just part of a file, but that's just me.

yes, seq is part of cyclone...  it is simple, dumb and basic, but
it does support variable playback tempo.  The max-compatible way
is to send it "start -1" followed by a stream of "tick" messages
(slave mode).  The incompatible extension of Pd version is that
in playback mode it interprets "start <whatever>" as a tempo

Another incompatible extensions are the "goto <sec>" message for
jumping to a time position in the sequence (also in the form
"goto <sec> <ms-offset>"), and "scoretime <target>" for reporting
current score time.  Setting and controlling loops with these two
is relatively easy.

Yet another incompatible extension is that Pd version does read
format 1 files.

There are two major drawbacks of cyclone's seq: it does not handle
sysex messages, and I have never tested it, neither methodically
nor in a regular use (I prefer xeq...)


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