[PD] laptop linux

Patrick Valiquet p.valiquet at gmail.com
Wed Nov 16 22:51:12 CET 2005

>   All you guys are probably using better distros than me. I'm giving up on Fedora as of
>now, but I saw success stories on some of the Linux Laptop sites, so
I decided to give it
>a go. But, alas, my graphics chips is not the Radeon x700 promised on
the website, not
>even the x600 I saw in some postings. It is an Intel i915
shared-memory chip with no
>accelleration. Intel's driver did not work at all, so I was stuck
with VESA at 1024x768.

I've got a thinkpad with that graphics chip in it ... in order to get
acceleration working you have to use the i915 module, which should be
built into kernel 2.6.10+ ... and if I remember correctly I had to
specify in xorg.conf how much memory I wanted to use.

It's not fancy, but it seems to do the trick for Gem.


ps. this is with debian unstable/agnula ... I tested Ubuntu breezy on
it and acceleration worked without me modifying anything.

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