[PD] gop bug on pd 0.39?

derek holzer derek at x-i.net
Thu Nov 17 00:54:44 CET 2005

Hi Matias,

matias kapo wrote:
> hi, some time ago ive created a patch using pd 0.38 that creates guis
> dynamically in subpatches using GOP feature. I just tried it on pd 0.39
> and it doesnt work , the gui elements are created in the subpatches but
> i cant see them in my main patch. It also appears a wierd rectangle in
> my main patch . Is this a bug?
> Is there any way to fix this??

Miller changed the way that GoP works for 0.39. The good news is that 
it's better. The bad news is that it's not so reverse-compatible. The 
new way is to specify the size of the GoP patch in the properties menu 
you get when you right-click. No more fooling around with changing the 
window size and resaving and all that silly nonsense. The "wierd 
rectangle" should represent the GoP visibility area. You'll see it move 
and resize when you change the GoP properties. But you should see it in 
the subpatch you are making GoP, not the parent, so I'm a bit confused!

Sometimes old GoP patches seems to work out fine with the new system, 
sometimes they don't. I'd advise people to correct the ones that don't 
work with the new GoP properties menu if they want to continue using PD 

I don't know how the dynamically generated subpatches will handle this, 
however. Perhaps there is a new creation message which sets the GoP 
visibility area? I'd be curious how this works out too, but I imagine 
only Miller can answer that at the moment.


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