megale megalegoland at yahoo.fr
Thu Nov 17 10:13:29 CET 2005

 Hi, I've rebuilt the note2rgb abs with using hsv2color and maxlibs/pitch, by this way, the
objects number is highly reduced, awsome...

 But, an error is caused by [pitch]:

error: maxlib_pitch: no method for 'ft1'

nothing else than a midi note number is entering into that object, weird...

(with PD-39.1 on winXP)

 Also, I have to find a method to avoid an error message about font when the abs is opening.
Apparently, text3d is checking the  ttf file before the loadbang send it. These errors are not
very important because they don't have any influence on the working process, it's just a message.


ps: updated abs can be downloaded at this adress:



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