[PD] dsp control GUI object

João Miguel Pais jmmmp at arcor.de
Wed Nov 16 16:29:40 CET 2005

> What color would you think works better for the DSP?  I think green  
> means go works well.  This object will be part of the help/tutorial  
> style guide, so its good to have it standardized.

that was a "personal" comment, I usually make my patches B&W. I guess for  
a general effect green is good. Unless you do like backg-white/label-black  
for dsp 0, and opposite for dsp 1 (I would do that, but as said, I usually  
avoid living colours).
ok, here's a sample. But that's personal taste, I know there's colour tv  
since the 50s.

>> by the way, something that would be useful would be a general dac~  
>> object,  that pick up sound directly from the board. That would be a  
>> good  complement to this object, and good for general control. (well, a  
>> bit - or  a lot - like msp's adoutput~)
> Yeah, I suppose I could add audio in to it, like Max/MSP's object, but I  
> am not sure that would be the best way to handle that... maybe...

I didn't meant to add to this object (I don't know if it would be  
possible). That was a suggestion for an external or something, as I know  
it isn't possible to make in pd for now.
I don't know if I was clear, but it was something like nomatter how many  
dac~ objects are operating simoultaneously, one "megadac~" would become  
all output.
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