[PD] comport and bascom avr / ascii2any

Christian Klippel ck at mamalala.de
Thu Nov 17 12:02:17 CET 2005

hi ian,

Am Donnerstag 17 November 2005 20:49 schrieb ian campbell:
> Hi there... I have a problem with reading data from my avr uC in
> puredata on win2k.
> I am getting the ascii values of the numbers I am sending but not the
> actual numbers.

just substract the offset of the ascii value to the number value, which is 48.

ascii 48 = "0"
ascii 49 = "1"

other way round if you receive bytes that represent a number, but want the 
ascii value .....

> What is the problem?
> What is the comport object expecting?
> I would rather not convert these values in pd, but I can't try this out
> because I
> can't find the external ascii2any as a windows dll.. does anyone have it?
> thank you for any help.
> ian c.



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