[PD] about data structures

federico xaero at inwind.it
Thu Nov 17 14:30:27 CET 2005

Chuckk Hubbard ha scritto:

> I was thinking something like this.

I can't see the advantage of using canvases.
on my system, your patch looks like a subpatch with 4 boxes that (in 
edit mode) are draggable.

however you could make the same thing using a [struct] and four 
[filledpolygon] inside a template.... maybe you don't get where the 
problem is.

the first problem is contraints: if you look at my adsr 
(http://xaero.ath.cx/cms/en/adsr-new.html) you see that you can drag 
every point, *wherever* you want.
this is not right, because the x coord. of release point couldn't never 
be less than the x coord. of decay point, and so on.
so, my patch solves half of the problem, and could be useful only to 
graph that struct.

instead, we are used to edit datastructures directly from the graph window.

constraints and scales are a *very good* thing, indicating that we are 
moving to something better, but I stronlgy feel the lack of mathematics 
inside drawing instructions.

when they will be real, probably I will be using datastructures for 
everyday work. maybe my new applications will be coded directly in 
puredata :)

>     Chuckk Hubbard ha scritto:
>     > I agree that would be great.
>     > Incidentally, have you considered using canvases to draw your
>     envelope?
>     >
>     nope. I ca't imagine how...
>     looking at the [cnv] help doesn't suggest me anything.
>     however, this is what I did:
>     http://xaero.ath.cx/cms/en/adsr-new.html
>     <http://xaero.ath.cx/cms/en/adsr-new.html>
>     it can be useful for graphing an ADSR, not for editing it.

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