[PD] gop bug on pd 0.39?

matias kapo matiaskapo at fastmail.fm
Thu Nov 17 17:08:10 CET 2005

thanx derek and frank for the answers and the fixed patch but frank
fixed patch is still not working here
:S .. i cant see the gui elements in my main patch

On Thu, 17 Nov 2005 08:37:54 +0100, "Frank Barknecht" <fbar at footils.org>
> Hallo,
> matias kapo hat gesagt: // matias kapo wrote:
> > hi, some time ago ive created a patch using pd 0.38 that creates guis
> > dynamically in subpatches using GOP feature. I just tried it on pd 0.39
> > and it doesnt work , the gui elements are created in the subpatches but
> > i cant see them in my main patch. It also appears a wierd rectangle in
> > my main patch . Is this a bug?
> > Is there any way to fix this??
> Derek said most about this issue. I had a look at your patch, and
> "fixed" it by just changing the size of the area, that is active for
> GOP, to be 300x300. This way, all your objects are visible. However
> the distances aren't right anymore, as there is no automatic scaling
> happening anymore in GOP. You could re-introduce the scaling using the
> properties dialog, but I would strongly recommend to rather fix the
> creation messages so that they put all objects in the weird rectangle
> directly. The math will be much easier.
> Please note in attached patch, that I moved the [cnv] to a place where
> it is not visible on parent.
> Ciao
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