[PD] Waveguide Modeling with [z~]

Tim Blechmann TimBlechmann at gmx.net
Fri Nov 18 20:19:59 CET 2005

> I'm playing around with some waveguide modeling stuff, mostly modeling
> strings, and my first trial patch is basically just a delay line that
> feeds back through a lowpass filter. It seems that the delay object of
> choice for long strings of delay (for if I want to apply non-linear
> interactions) is [z~] from zexy, but I can't change the delay time
> dynamically, and I'd like to be able to change the tuning on the fly.
> Is there a different delay object that I should be using?

especially if you're using very low delays, you'll need subsample
accurate delays ... so delwrite~ / vd~ are the tools of choice ...


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