[PD] Problems loading pdp on OSX

enrique franco rugitus at gmail.com
Fri Nov 18 22:10:23 CET 2005


I downloaded PD from the server pd++.app at

I can't load the pdp library even if I put it in the startup flags. It
says that the image can't be found. I also tried to put the full path
and it didn't work either. I cheked and the pdp.pd_darwin file is in the
extras folder, so I don´t know what could be the problem. I'm on 10.4.2 on a
G4 Ibook.

Any ideas?


Enrique Franco
Telefono/Phone: +571 3484579
Celular/mobile: +57 3112550263
webpage: http://richie.idc.ul.ie/~enrique
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