[PD] pd and (analog)-telephons

Christian Klippel ck at mamalala.de
Fri Nov 18 22:59:39 CET 2005


Am Freitag 18 November 2005 14:51 schrieb moritz w.:
> eo list,
> i want to start a project with analog-telephons and pd.
> Has anyone some experiences with it?
> I think this way would be possible:
> telephon-->sip-adapter-->modem-->asterisk-->python-->py-->puredata.. ufff!
> but im neither experienced with asterisk nor with python, is there a
> easyer way
> to communicate (analog-)telephon-->pd?

a simple hack is to buy one of these cheap phones for 5 euro. throw away the 
speaker and connect the wires via a pot to your souncards line input. the 
line out of your souncard you connect (again vie a potentiometer) goes to the 
mic wires of the phone, remiving the mic. to catch the ringer, use an 
optocoupler, connect the couplers led where the ringer led of the phone is 
(or the ringer itself), and the phototransistor of the coupler to the 
parport. the hook can be controlled with a small reed realy that is switched 
on via a parport pin.

its a hack, but surely with some kind of artistic value..... ;) oh, and its 
damn cheap ....

> [thanks<
> [for any hints..]
> [moritz]



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