[PD] PD and latency on kernel

Jerome Tuncer columbiatwo at free.fr
Fri Nov 18 23:30:25 CET 2005

Hi everyone.

That's an interesting thread, there are questions here I never dared to 
ask (-:

I'm surprised though to hear that Pd could not become such a good 
realtime application.

For my personal education Tim, what are the "design decisions" that will 
never allow Pd to become a very good latency system?



Tim Blechmann a écrit :
>>Does it help to run PD using nice? e.g. 'nice -5 pd' and jack with
>>a priority of 70 or so?
> i doubt that ... pd is not a proper jack client, just renicing doesn't
> really help.
> the best latency i could achieve with the modified scheduler in pd,
> that tries to make pd a proper jack client.
>>if I use -jack in my pdrc then -rt does nothing, right? I thought -rt 
>>wsa for alsa opperation.
> of you use pd with -rt, it will try to give pd realtime
> capabilities ... but this doesn't really help, if jack doesn't have
> realtime capabilities.
> if you need lowest latencies, i'd recommend, you check out devel, since
> it reduces the latency by one io block size ...
> but there are some design decisions in pd (it's better in devel, but
> still not optimal), that will _never_ allow pd to become a very low
> latency system...
> cheers ... tim

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