[PD] PD Documentation/Curriculum Meeting

B. Bogart ben at ekran.org
Fri Nov 18 23:38:56 CET 2005

Hello all,

I'd like to set up a meeting for the discussion around the PD
documentation. This is an especially interesting time considering the
max vs pd thread on this list.

Documentation includes:
* Workshops (PD curriculum)
* Help Patches (PDDP)
* Manuals
* How PD relates to networks and physical media

Anything else that serves as newbie access to the world of Pure-Data+.


Tuesday November 22nd @
9.00 Pacific Time
12.00 Eastern Time
17.00 UTC
18.00 Central European

Please let us know if you would like to make it but can't do that date.
Miller can you make it?

#dataflow on irc.freenode.net

Who should attend?

Anyone who has taught a PD workshop.
Anyone who has attended a workshop that they know could be improved.
Anyone who would like to develop standards around how documentation works.
Anyhow who wants to contribute to documentation or coding to make
documentation better (pddplink etc..)

* What steps have been made?
   - Discussion about the wiki pages below.

   - Philosophy
      - How PD should be taught.
      - Rules for developing tutorials/workshops/curriculum

   - PDDP changes
      - Template for help-patches (ready)
      - Template for all_about (unchanged)
      - Template for tutorials (new)
      - Template for GUI elements

   - Programming (overlaps with pd-dev discussions)
      - Meta data for patches/tutorials/etc..
      - "Help" menu

   - Structure of a future wiki to separate the different aspects of the

This list is a starting point that runs over many of the Documentation
issues. I don't think we'll figure out a lot of these things, just
casting the net and trolling for ideas. There are other issues not
mentioned here either.

Required Reading: (Check out before you come!)
* https://puredata.org/docs/workshops/FrontPage/
* https://puredata.org/Members/bbogart/PDWorkshops/
* https://puredata.org/Members/bbogart/PDDocumentationStructure/

Thanks all, hope to see you there.


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