[PD] [BUG][alsamidi] no alsamidi init with -alsamidi switch

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Sun Nov 20 01:37:47 CET 2005

federico wrote:
> launching pd with the -alsamidi switch has no effect.
> in order to let puredata open the sequencer port, I have to click 
> Media->ALSA-MIDI and click Apply or Ok, then pd status window will print:
> Opened Alsa Client 128 in:1 out:1
> this can be a bug or a feature, but maybe it is logical, if I set the 
> -alsamidi switch, I *want* MIDI ports opened.

yes i know.
you have to explicitely state "-mididev 1" to get 1 port.
what is even more confusing is, that you have to state something like 
"-mididev 5,1" to get 2 midi-ports.
this is for compatibility reasons with oss midi.

> also, is there a switch or something to connect these sequencer ports 
> directly to some other ports? (are we planning to insert lash support?)

i have submitted a patch to the sf-patch tracker that automatically 
connects all available other ports to the pd-ports (if you have 
specified exactly 1 port); however after some testing i think this patch 
is a rather bad idea (the first time i tried it in real life, it 
connected to the midi-through, and my patch went crazy)

the best solution would probably be, that if the user does not specify 
what ports they want, pd should open one in-port for each available 
source-port and one out-port for each available destination port and 
automatically connect.

i have no idea, what "lash" means, though (i'll go to bed now, so no 
time for googling)

in the meantime you can use the [aconnect] external for doing 
connections from within pd.


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