[PD] Re: pure == slow, impure == fast ? was purepd

Thomas Grill gr at grrrr.org
Sun Nov 20 12:16:31 CET 2005

Hey Frank,

>Unfortunatly there is nothing that can replace [pool] and [OSC] in Pd
>yet, and I don't want to ditch OSC support in RRADical and I cannot
>ditch [pool], which is a constant pool of trouble for non-technically
>inclined users. :(
you are right, and i'm constantly trying to improve the docs and 
building process.
Unfortunately the feedback concerning hints what to improve in which way 
is close to nothing.
All i can do then is try to figure out the paths that non-technical 
users are taking which sometimes is hard to imagine, because they are 
too individual.

best greetings,

Thomas Grill

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