[PD] PD Documentation/Curriculum Meeting

aym3ric aym3ric at goto10.org
Mon Nov 21 01:06:01 CET 2005

tuesday 22nd 7pm GMT
perfect we'll be there more or less sober.
thanks for postponing the meeting!


B. Bogart said:
> Hi Aymeric,
> I would like goto10 to be at this meeting for sure, when do you propose
> to change it to? One or two hours or more?
> For everyone else who would like to attend, is having the meeting a few
> hours later possible? It is certainly possible for me.
> Say +2 hrs?
> b.
> aym3ric wrote:
>> yo ben
>> just came across this thread,
>> i think some of use would like to intend to this meeting but won't be
>> possible that early. is it possible to postpone ?
>> B. Bogart said:
>>>Hi Koray!
>>>Please post this on the workshops wiki so we have a record of all that
>>>is out there for materials.
>>>Looking forward to hearing your POV on tuesday, I'm not sure what the
>>>attendance will be like, but I've not seen anyone asking to reschedule.
>>>Koray Tahiroglu wrote:
>>>>Hello Ben,
>>>>I think it is a good idea to discuss and hear other experiences about
>>>>how PD should be thought both in workshops and in long term courses. I
>>>>have been organizing PD workshops in Helsinki since last year and  I
>>>>just had the last one during the last week. I placed the exercises and
>>>>also students works at http://www.puredata.org/Members/korayt/
>>>>Today I will update the site with  the other students' works from
>>>>previous workshops. We couldn't really have time to talk about this
>>>>during the Piksel, I remember the email you sent about the same subject
>>>>when you were in Helsinki and at that time I was not in Helsinki, so we
>>>>couldn't really talk about this,  but I will be online on Tuesday.
>>>>M.Koray Tahiroglu
>>>>Media Lab,
>>>>University of Art and Design Helsinki, TaiK
>>>>Hameentie 135C 00560 Helsinki Finland
>>>>tel: +358 40 754 8449
>>>>fax: +358 9 75630 555
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>>>>>Subject: [PD] PD Documentation/Curriculum Meeting
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>>>>>Hello all,
>>>>>I'd like to set up a meeting for the discussion around the PD
>>>>>documentation. This is an especially interesting time considering the
>>>>>max vs pd thread on this list.
>>>>>Documentation includes:
>>>>>* Workshops (PD curriculum)
>>>>>* Help Patches (PDDP)
>>>>>* Manuals
>>>>>* How PD relates to networks and physical media
>>>>>Anything else that serves as newbie access to the world of Pure-Data+.
>>>>>Tuesday November 22nd @
>>>>>9.00 Pacific Time
>>>>>12.00 Eastern Time
>>>>>17.00 UTC
>>>>>18.00 Central European
>>>>>Please let us know if you would like to make it but can't do that
>>>>> date.
>>>>>Miller can you make it?
>>>>>#dataflow on irc.freenode.net
>>>>>Who should attend?
>>>>>Anyone who has taught a PD workshop.
>>>>>Anyone who has attended a workshop that they know could be improved.
>>>>>Anyone who would like to develop standards around how documentation
>>>>>Anyhow who wants to contribute to documentation or coding to make
>>>>>documentation better (pddplink etc..)
>>>>>* What steps have been made?
>>>>>   - Discussion about the wiki pages below.
>>>>>   - Philosophy
>>>>>      - How PD should be taught.
>>>>>      - Rules for developing tutorials/workshops/curriculum
>>>>>   - PDDP changes
>>>>>      - Template for help-patches (ready)
>>>>>      - Template for all_about (unchanged)
>>>>>      - Template for tutorials (new)
>>>>>      - Template for GUI elements
>>>>>   - Programming (overlaps with pd-dev discussions)
>>>>>      - Meta data for patches/tutorials/etc..
>>>>>      - "Help" menu
>>>>>   - Structure of a future wiki to separate the different aspects of
>>>>>This list is a starting point that runs over many of the Documentation
>>>>>issues. I don't think we'll figure out a lot of these things, just
>>>>>casting the net and trolling for ideas. There are other issues not
>>>>>mentioned here either.
>>>>>Required Reading: (Check out before you come!)
>>>>>* https://puredata.org/docs/workshops/FrontPage/
>>>>>* https://puredata.org/Members/bbogart/PDWorkshops/
>>>>>* https://puredata.org/Members/bbogart/PDDocumentationStructure/
>>>>>Thanks all, hope to see you there.
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