[PD] scrolllist 0.1

Yves Degoyon ydegoyon at free.fr
Mon Nov 21 18:08:34 CET 2005


> BTW: there is a little bug in scrolllist: clear the list and seek for 
> a line!=0 -> pd/scrolllist crashes. Maybe it's just a 
> if(out_of_lines_loaded) missing...
ok, fixed, but only for linux,
i searched in all the house,
we only have linux machines here :

i also have to explain how such a bug could happen,
cause, better than fixing bugs,
we should understand why we are producing bugs..

it's only because the code is copied from playlist
and, than in playlist, the contents of a folder is never empty
( there is always "." and ".." at least )

add the line :
   if ( x->x_nitems == 0 ) return;
at the beginning of scrolllist_seek


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