[PD] motex for osX + zexy 2 question

João Miguel Pais jmmmpais at googlemail.com
Tue Nov 22 10:27:27 CET 2005

Hi, if anyone could help me fast with this it would be great:

does anyone know how to get a motex.pd_darwin file? I've been searching,  
but could only find windows/linux binaries.

I needed urgently (the concert is in one week) to use shuffle and  
polygate~ in osX.3. The worst part is that I am doing this for someone  
6000Km afar who doesn't know pd, and I am a windowser, so it has to work  
without problems (a motex.pd_darwin file would be the perfect sollution,  
he already knows how to deal with that).

About zexy: the patch in question is several months old, and still uses  
zexy 1.x, specifically matrix~. In this computer zexy 2 and iemmatrix are  
already installed. In the documentation it states that it is possible to  
use the "matrix~" external in Z2.0, it will behave like in the good old  
days. Is it really so? (for now I can't update to zexy 2 on my computer to  
test it)
If not, can anyone post me a link to a zexy.pd_darwin 1.x?

Is there something wrong with the search machine of the list archives? it  
doesn't matter what I write, the result comes always empty. even if I type  
"pd list". I use opera, but also with firefox does the same.



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