[PD] motex for osX + zexy 2 question

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Tue Nov 22 11:28:46 CET 2005

João Miguel Pais hat gesagt: // João Miguel Pais wrote:

> About zexy: the patch in question is several months old, and still uses  
> zexy 1.x, specifically matrix~. In this computer zexy 2 and iemmatrix are  
> already installed. In the documentation it states that it is possible to  
> use the "matrix~" external in Z2.0, it will behave like in the good old  
> days. Is it really so? (for now I can't update to zexy 2 on my computer to  
> test it)

It will work that way, however matrix~ is in danger to have a name
conflict with matrix~ in creb and also I think one in Cyclone, so make
sure, you don't load these two.

You can simulate polygate~ with matrix~ or also with multiline~ from
Zexy. Anyway the motex externals should be part of the OS-X installers
like the one recently posted by Hans. 

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