[PD] linux distribution choice

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Tue Nov 22 17:43:53 CET 2005

julienbreval at free.fr hat gesagt: // julienbreval at free.fr wrote:

> Some Linux distributions like Ubuntu seem to be a compromise between big linux
> and scratch linux but last time I tried Ubuntu I couldn't get correct low
> latency audio on it, hence I re-installed RH9. Did these medium-size
> distributions improve recently ?
> There are also some "multimedia" linux like Agnula that I don't know anything
> about.

I'd try AGNULA/Demudi then (*not* A/Rehmudi, which is as dead as
jMax).  It's very nice and already optimized for audio work. 

Ubuntu is nice, too, but to really get low latency going you need to
invest a bit of time. However you could install the A/Demudi kernel on
a Ubuntu system to shorten this path.

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